Starling Real Estate Asset Management is a spin-off of Finch Properties Asset Management. The company’s track record prior to its creation at the close of 2021 therefore refers to the numerous past successes of its experienced asset management team under the Finch Properties name. Now serving its clients as Starling Real Estate Asset Management, the team continues to seek out new growth and value creation opportunities – as an independent full-service provider.

our Philosophy

We implement our business plans with operational excellence, full commitment, and an intense focus on our relationships with market participants such as brokers, tenants, property management partners and government authorities. Our aim is to develop each of our investments into an outperformer. Our partnership with respected investors from Germany and abroad is based on three core principles: reliability, trust and transparency. Through lessons learned, Starling Real Estate Asset Management strives to constantly realign, rethink and reinvent as it plans future investment initiatives.

Real Estate Asset Management Service

work flow


  • Sourcing
  • Due Diligence
  • Structuring
  • Valuation
  • Documentation
  • Negotiation with seller

Holding period

  • Development of asset management strategy
  • Enhancement of building value (rent growth, renovation, etc)
  • Supervising property and building manager
  • Reporting to investor
  • Portfolio management


  • Development of disposition plan
  • Property evaluation
  • Marketing
  • Documentation
  • Negotiation with purchaser
  • Closing